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Kai The PureBlood

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Kai The PureBlood

Post  Kai on Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:13 am

Name: Kai
Age: 13, looks 17
Occupation: Night Student
History: Kai was born a pureblood vampire, his strength as a child was very abnormal, as he grew up he slowly lost his mind so he was forced to read books to keep him calm and away from bloodshed, later on in the years he grew more violent so his family sent him to be trained by a friend who knows the arts, after turning 10 he was trained which suppresed his bloodlust alot and he went back to his home to find his mother and father wanted him to be sent to study at a special school which would help his needs.

Kai turned 13 now and he lives peacefully in the school compound he hasnt lost hiswillpower in his mind to fight the bloodlust, and dosent while out in rage, but sometimes would like for old times sake.
Personality: Quiet, Sometimes playfull, likes to talk to girls.
RP Sample:

Kai walked through the woods his eyes was bright yellow, his fangs was visble, it was time to feast and he saw the target, one of the day students, he jumped into the trees causing it to rustle, "You shouldnt be here...", his voice was heard in the area, the girl turned around but kai wasnt seen...

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Re: Kai The PureBlood

Post  Lady Raven of Devon on Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:17 am

Welcome to Cross Academy. Remember Kai no feeding off Day students otherwise you'll have to deal with me. Another Pureblood but older and seen more.
Lady Raven of Devon
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