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labelisa hobs

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labelisa hobs

Post  labelisa on Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:35 am

Name: Labelisa Hobs

Age: 19

Occupation: graduated, stays there to help out teachers and clean the school, so pretty much janoter(sp?)


History: labelisa was born in a small town close to cross acedamy. she grew up wondering around the woods and climbing trees. you could say she was natrual tom boy, even though she hated bugs. she's never seen or been attacked by a vampire. but the though of them being real ecited her. labelisa parents where already in there 50's then they had her. so they worked out a deal with headmaster cross. he let her go to school there, and work there when her parents passed away. now, since her cabbin is just a few minutes away from cross adedmy. headmaster cross lets her work there.

Personality: sweet, tough, always willing to lend a hand, doesnt back down. loves to flirt but its just hamless, stands up for what she belives in.

RP Sample: Labelisa yawned as she walked around the day class bilding. she wore her normal work clothes. a darkgreen tank top. baggy black sweat pants, that are held up by a neon green belt, and a banada with frogs on it holding her hair. she bobbed her head as she swepted the floor. she had her headphones on and music playing. if anyone would have say her and daning with the broom. they could have though she was either adorible or just weird. but she was thankful that nowone was...or atleast that she knew about......


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Re: labelisa hobs

Post  Lady Raven of Devon on Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:43 am

Welcome to Cross Academy. Please Enjoy your stay here.
Lady Raven of Devon
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