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Zero Kiryuu

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Zero Kiryuu

Post  Zero_Kiryuu on Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:17 pm

Name: Zero Kiryuu
Age: 17
Occupation: Day student prefect

Background: Zero was born into a family of vampire hunters and had a twin brother called Ichiru who had a frail body and constantly became ill. One day Ichiru spotted a woman sitting in a tree and was in awe of her beauty, Zero told him she was a vampire and to stay away from her. A few days later Ichiru ran off and Zero sensed the approach of a vampire and confronted the vampire who was the same vampire Ichiru spotted, Shizuka who was a pure blooded vampire. Shizuka bit Zero and his parents saw the vampire bite him and tried to save Zero but were Killed, Zero at the time believed his brother also got killed, Zero was only 13 at the time.

After the attack Zero was taken in by Kaien Cross, headmaster of the Cross academy. Zero turned cold and hostile to others and was cruel to the young Yuuki who was trying to reach out to him, eventually her kindness won him over, but Zero kept his affection for Yuuki to himself. Zero failed to mention to Yuuki that he was turning into a vampire after she said she was afraid of all other vampires but Kaname. Zero then had a tattoo placed on his neck to suppress his vampire side, Yuuki and Zero became good friends for the next four years.

At the Age of 17 Zero was known as the grumpy prefect of Cross academy because he was harsh to a large number of people especially girls who would wait outside the moon dorms every evening for the Night class to come out. Zero was slowly falling to his bloodlust and was given blood tablets but didn't take them because they didn't work for him until one night he bit Yuuki. After Zero bit Yuuki he fell into depression and horror and attempted to kill himself only for Yuuki to stop him and Zero made Yuuki promise to kill him when he fell to Level-E.

Zero would continuously fights his hunger for blood to the point of starvation in which Yuuki would seek him out and make him drink her blood, but even with her blood he was still slowly falling to Level-E. Zero also helped the Hunter association by going on assignments and hunt Level-E vampires.

Shizuka sneaked into the academy and Zero confronted her during the school ball, Yuuki followed and tried to help Zero as he fought Shizuka and his brother Ichiru who he though had died four years ago. Ichiru told Zero that he followed Shizuka because her blood healed his frail body. Shizuka stopped Zero from attacking her by commanding him because she was able to, being the very vampire that turned him only to watch as Zero broke free of her command by shooting his own leg, Shizuka and Ichiru escaped, only for Shizuka to be killed by Kaname so that Kaname could drink her pureblood and become stronger. Zero was believed to have been the murderer of Shizuka and the Vampire council wished to execute him but couldn't as time went by Zero was at the edge of his sanity as he was about to fall to Level-E only for Kaname to stop him and give him his pureblood which would stop him falling to Level-E, Zero refused until Kaname asked him to do it for Yuuki.

After Kaname awakens Yuuki's memories and pureblood Zero severs all ties with her and was imprisoned by the Hunters association for being uncontrollable, Ichiru walks into the cell and tells Zero to drink his blood which will complete the twin piece fragment thus giving Zero his full strength Zero refuses only for Ichiru to wound himself and force Zero to drink all his blood.

Although enemies Zero helps Yuuki defeat Rido and swears to kill all pureblood including her and fails to kill her, and reveals his feelings for her and parts ways with her.

Personality: Zero is a cold person to all but Yuuki and the Kaien Cross who he'll show his caring side to, He shows self hate towards himself for being a vampire and loaths pureblood vampires because they made him the very thing he hates.

RP sample: Zero trudged along the path towards the moon dorms for another evening and spotted a huge crowd of girls squealing for their sources of admiration. "Where the hell is Yuuki, she said she'd meet me here." He mumbled as he tore through the crowd of fangirls and ordered them to back away, only to spot Yuuki talking to Kaname as he heard the girls mumble at how Zero was a jerk for keeping them form their Idols. Which he responded to by rolling his eyes and ignoring their complaints, his typical scowl etched onto his face.

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Re: Zero Kiryuu

Post  Lady Raven of Devon on Tue Jun 22, 2010 3:07 am

Welcome to Cross Academy Zero. I'll take your name off the Canon list. Also I'll start an RP for us YAY ^^
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